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Allan's Personal Training Profile

Allan Ah Lun, Champion Bodybuilder & Personal Trainer, answers your most pressing questions about fitness. Laser focused on his journey to an IFBB PRO Card, Allan Ah Lun shares his insight into what would possibly work to achieving your fitness goals. Here are some questions and Allan's take on fitness, read more here.

Trainer's methods for success

Allan takes an individualised approach to achieving his clients fitness goals. He often focuses on proper form and arming his clients with an easy and simple fitness education so they can work out well outside of his booked sessions. Allan likes to tackle bad habits and correct them one at a time so as to build sustainable fitness routines for his clients and not overwhelm them.

This gradual approach can be fastened if the client already has a good fitness base and is training for a high-performance or competitive goal. 

Trainer's measures for success

Allan measures progress weekly to monthly depending on the client's preference with an Inbody composition report. Depending on the progress so far, he will tailor the fitness programme to better reach your fitness goals.

Trainer's location

Allan trains his clients in Singapore at 24x fitness, centrally located at Paya Lebar. The address of his gym is 10 Eunos Rd 8, #05-10 SingPost Centre, Singapore 408600.

Who should hire Allan as a Personal Trainer?

  • 30-60 year old men who want to be fitter and have better health outlooks
  • Consistent gym-goers looking to level up their fitness gains
  • Gym-goers that are not seeing results and need professional guidance
  • Gym enthusiasts that are seeing inconsistent progress and are starting to feel the strains and pains of training
  • People who are new to fitness and want to make progress fast

Who would probably not be a good fit for Allan as a Personal Trainer.

  • People who can't accept direct feedback as Allan does not sugarcoat issues and wants to help you solve them.
  • People who are easily intimidated and scared as Allan is 185cm tall and over 100kg depending on competition preparation. He smiles a lot and is friendly, but if you're still scared, not much can be done.
  • People unwilling to learn from his expertise.

Successful transformation stories.

Here are some of his clients that were generous with their feedback and very gracious to provide some photos of their fitness journeys. Read more here.

Allan's Personal Training's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How fast can is see result?
  • How many time I need to commit?
  • What is your rate ?
  • My IPPT is around the corner in 2 month time can you help me with that?

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