Fitness Influencers

At, we're always on the lookout for fitness influencers to help market our products. We are looking to increase our audience reach through views and engagement that will eventually convert into sales. Most important to us, is that influencers trust and like the products they are endorsing and can recommend quality use of the products given to them.

We do not pay for influencers to post about our products. We do support them in their fitness journey by stocking them with our products.

Deliverables from each product sponsorship is a photo-post on Instagram tagging us with the 'paid sponsorship' feature so we can track views. Use your unique coupon code to garner sales from your audience. You'll earn 10% cash when a successful sale is made barring returns.

In short, we will:
(1) Sponsor the product
(2) Ship it to you

In return, we need you to:
(1) Take a picture
(2) Post the picture on Instagram / Tik Tok and tag us under 'paid sponsorship' 

After which, we will also:
(1) Use good photos in our product listings and tag your Instagram / Tik Tok handles thus growing your possible reach
(2) Tag you if we reuse your image for successive posts

Photography Requirements
(1) Have clear in focus product shot

(2) The product should be in the foreground or visible enough for the audience to read the product label clearly on their phones

(3) Should highlight the product benefits wherever possible

(4) Have multiple shots as a carousel to tell a story if one picture is not enough

(5) Try to finish the photos before the end of the month so we can send you the next batch of product in the new month

If you'd like to work with us, sign up here. Thanks!