Allan Ah Lun, Champion Bodybuilder & Personal Trainer, answers your most pressing questions about fitness.

Allan Ah Lun, Champion Bodybuilder & Personal Trainer, answers your most pressing questions about fitness.

Laser focused on his journey to an IFBB PRO Card, Allan Ah Lun shares his insight into what works for his fitness goals.

Training intensity is important when working out to reach your goal. How do you achieve and maintain your training intensity?

As a personal trainer and men's physique competitor, my focus is on building flawless physiques and improving weaker body parts. I prioritize training smart over simply training hard. Developing a strong mind-muscle connection is essential for targeting specific muscle fibers during exercises, both in the concentric and eccentric phases of movements. Executing each repetition properly is key. Additionally, fueling your body with a substantial meal before a workout, especially for the muscle group you want to improve, is important.

How do I find what drives me to exercise?

I have always been an active individual, participating in basketball, track and field, Muay Thai, and now physique competitions. Motivation and discipline come naturally to me. Being a personal trainer, spending most of my time in the gym has become a significant part of my lifestyle. I have the advantage of training myself before, in between, and after my clients, eliminating the need to travel elsewhere for my workouts. Setting short and long-term goals, such as losing body fat, building muscle, achieving body re-composition, or maintaining a healthy lifestyle, can also serve as powerful motivators. Additionally, I push my physical limits and participate in various physical competitions, such as powerlifting, Spartan races, and bodybuilding shows, to constantly challenge myself.


How can I enjoy my favourite foods while still achieving my fitness goals?

For example, if pizza or burgers are your favorites, you can adjust your calorie intake accordingly. Depending on your specific goals, whether it's building muscle or losing body fat, you can create a surplus or deficit of calories. To gain weight, consume around 200-300 calories more than your body needs, and to lose weight, consume around 200-300 calories less. Increasing your overall skeletal muscle mass percentage can facilitate the burning of unwanted calories and boost your metabolism. It's also helpful to space out your meals to avoid consuming a large number of calories in one sitting. I always encourage others to hit the gym or engage in any form of physical activity.

I can’t seem to stick to diets. How can I eat better to achieve my fitness goals?

One way is to improve your eating habits to achieve your fitness goals, taking advantage of technological advancements can make it easier. Incorporating zero-calorie sodas, sauces, and noodles into your diet can play a significant role. Staying hydrated and maintaining a healthy digestive system are important as well. Gradually making better choices, such as opting for low glycemic index (GI) carbohydrates like brown rice, sweet potatoes, and quinoa, can be beneficial. Remember, small changes are better than no changes, so take it step by step and make progress at your own pace.

What do Allan Ah Lun's clients say about him?

Here's a positive review of Allan's services with pictures that show wonderful results.

I have been training with Allan for almost 2 year. He’s a passionate and encouraging personal trainer in everyway, you even can see in his expression how much he enjoy sharing his knowledge catering for individual needs in the first 3 month that we work together I manage to drop 10kg of body weight and I feel amazing feel healthy.

Over the year I’m focusing putting on muscle mass and in the same time burn off unwanted body fats . He’s advice for me is to eat within my calorie in take and by lowering down slightly on my carbohydrates and fats in take. Adding cardio 2-3 time a week really make a big different in increasing my metabolism rates. I will strongly recommend Allan as a personal trainer.

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