Online Referral / Affiliate Sales

1. Online Referral / Affiliate Sales

10% referral sales to you and 10% discount to your fans / followers with each purchase for our official website. Reach SGD$100 and we'll effect a payout. Other platforms like Lazada, Shopee, Amazon and more have differing discounts. 

With over 2,000 different product offerings, we have plenty of health and sports solutions to choose from. Affiliate sales is great for people with a following. You'll earn a commission off your referred successful sale and the customer will also get a nice discount. Commissions on various platforms differ and are enhanced from time to time, usually during a sale.

So, a $100 order would be:

  • Order - $100
  • Discount to customer - $10
  • Referral to affiliate - $10
  • Customer pays - $90 excluding shipping
  • When you hit $100 worth of referral sales - $100 paid out to you

Online Referral / Affiliate Sales are best suited for:

  • Content Creators / Influencers
  • Business looking to go into retail without investing in stock and manpower
  • Businesses who want to earn more from their organic traffic or following
  • Publications / Editorial sites / Magazines looking to monetise their listicles and other content
  • Personal Trainers / Dieticians
  • Homecare Nurses / Healthcare Practitioners
  • Teaching schools in health and sports

If you're a fitness influencer looking to grow your affiliate sales revenue stream or a freelance registered nurse looking for home-care supplies you can ship directly to your clients, we've got you covered. 

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