CRAZYBADMAN Vending Machines

100% Sports & Health Products in our Crazybadman Vending Machines

  • Accepts all cashless payments
  • Smart vending machine - so we know when and how much to stock up
  • Reliable
  • Chilled or Room Temperature
  • Has a customised product mix and is brand agnostic so we can make the products suit the needs of your customers. (Swim stuff for swimmers, gym stuff for gyms, etc...)
  • Uncapped commission with an unique referral code so your customers can buy more outside of your venue and you'll earn too
  • Recognised top seller as a LazMall and ShopeeMall store so your customers might be already familiar with our products
  • Extensive range of products covering apparel, equipment, supplements, home/elder care so you can offer more in your venue's vending machine and your customers can buy more outside of their workout timings at your venue
  • Have all you need in one machine


Cashless Payments

Our machines offer cashless payments only and we do not offer cash or coins payment modes. Our Crazybadman Vending Machines can transact using:

  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • AMEX
  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • EzLink
  • and more...

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Smart Vending Machine

We track statistics of all our machines remotely so we can top up and increase sales by offering good add-on recommendations to your location. Our smart vending machines are cloud enabled so all involved have access to the information. We use the statistics dashboard to generate your commissions based on the agreement. (if any)



Our vending machines have a 95% reliability rate. Sometimes it goes down people of errors or updates, but we can have your machine up and run in 1-2 working days. Just text us and we'll send a technician over. 


Chilled or Room Temperature

It's always nice to have a chilled drink in Singapore's tropical climate. For venues who don't need chilling, we can have it at room temperature. This temperature is ideal for clothes or equipment vending.


Customised Product Mix

Each of our vending machines have a maximum of up to 60 SKUs. So we can place up to 60 different products and varying quantities depending on their size. 



If you run a swimming pool, we can sell goggles, suntan lotion, mineral water, 100plus and more to your swimming pool. Here is a default product mix we recommend to poolside vending machines.


If you run a gym, we can sell energy drinks, protein bars, protein drinks, water, snacks and more. Here is a default product mix we recommend to gym vending machines.


Uncapped commissions

Our vending locations will have their own unique 10% discount code that they can earn 10% referral when their customers check out with the code on our online store.


A sporty vending machine is ideal to automate retail for:

  • Gyms
  • Fitness Studios
  • Zumba Studios
  • Malls with fitness studios
  • Hotels with gyms
  • Condos with gyms
  • Service apartments with gyms
  • Offices with gyms

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