Plant based protein is the way to go.

Plant based protein is the way to go.

In the Global Health and Wellness Report published by Nielsen Research in 2015, states that "Consumers say they aspire to better health and healthier eating, but how influential are health attributes in the foods we eat at driving purchase decisions? When it comes to the foods we eat, consumers are going back to the basics. We asked respondents to rate health attributes from very important to not important in their purchase decisions. The most desirable attributes are foods that are fresh, natural and minimally processed."


It's clear that the protein centric supplement market is huge. In the USA alone, the combined "post exercise" supplement market of sports drinks, protein bars, and nutritional bars are valued by Euro Monitor at $16 billion american dollars this year (2016). Moving forward, sustainability is a key issue. As we all know, animal produce requires a huge agricultural investment. Cows eat plants... a lot of plants before they become beef to you.


Plant based protein is the way to go in Singapore for 4 big key reasons:

  1. It's better for the environment
  2. It has lesser harmful chemicals if it's non-gmo
  3. It tastes a lot better and not as artificial
  4. The benefits far outweigh the cost


We could write a LOOOOONG article to on why you should try to shift your supplements to be more plant centric, or you could buy a box and share with the fitness freaks in your office. Normal quest bars cost $5.50 per bar. ProBars are non-gmo, vegan, and delicious are $5.90. For $0.40 more cents, you...

  1. help to save the earth
  2. get quality ingredients that are not genetically modified
  3. taste great
  4. feels really clean and refreshing during and after consumption carries PROBAR. ProBar bars are delicious. Buy one today to try. ProBars come in different forms:

  • Protein Bar
  • Snack / Energy Bar
  • Pure Energy Bar
  • Energy Chews
  • Meal Replacement Bars



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Snack / Energy Bar

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