Which Mitre football should I buy?

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Which Mitre football should I buy?

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Mitre is a trusted brand in the world of football

Starting in the early years of soccer, Mitre is now synonymous with the S.League. So naturally, Singaporean fans and residents in Singapore are looking to get their hands on a hot new Mitre soccer ball. The question is... Which Mitre soccer buy should you buy?


There are four main playing levels:
  • Professional Quality - Elite athlete use
  • Match Quality - Tournament Use
  • Training Quality - For training use
  • Recreation Quality - Play for fun. Some times, you play. Some times, you don't
Elite athletes should use professional quality. Most professional tournaments and competitions adhere to this standard to give spectators and players then best possible match quality. Mitre soccer balls that are professional quality are:
Competitive players should use match quality. Local leagues usually use match quality footballs when organising a soccer tournament or league as it ensures consistency and fair play. 
The rest of our balls are training or recreation quality. That range is usually below $30. For a quick browse, look through our thecrazybadmanshop's football section.

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