Nicholas Joel Leong, Performer, answers your most pressing questions about fitness

Nicholas Joel Leong, Performer, answers your most pressing questions about fitness

Boundless energy and sharp aesthetics are key for Nicholas Joel Leong, an exuberant performer. This fitness model's Instagram will wow you away into a state of smiley envy. We speak with @njtheawesome on his take to living the best healthy life he can.


Training intensity is important when working out to reach your goal. How do you achieve and maintain your training intensity?
'Always have your goal in mind be it aesthetics, strength, or function. Have a specific goal not just a rough idea. Discipline and consistency is key.'


How do I find what drives me to exercise?
'I use exercise as an outlet to de-stress from the negativity I get in my life. I've been leading #nodaysoff on Instagram to do something active everyday and it has become a lifestyle. From around 2 years ago, people started telling me that they've been inspired by me to start working out which is another reason that pushes me to do what I do.'


How can I enjoy my favourite foods while still achieving my fitness goals?

'Life is all about balance. Go for 70:30 for food such that 70 is healthy food and 30 can be your favourite food. Work out and train harder than usual. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn which in turn allows us to eat more.'


I can’t seem to stick to diets. How can I eat better to achieve my fitness goals

'I wouldn't recommend a diet for a normal healthy lifestyle. Diets usually wouldn't be able to last more than 6 months. Diets mostly leads to two outcomes - calories deficit or calorie surplus. If your normal food intake leads to a calorie deficit, you're going to lose weight and get leaner or if it leads to a surplus you'll bulk up. If you're not going for some form of competition, go for healthier options daily. In the end fitness and health is about thinking in the long run. Finding something that is sustainable.'


Which product on do you like the best?

'My favourite product is BioTechUSA: Ulisses Surge pre-workout which gives that extra Surge of energy on a tiring day.'


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