Omni-channel / Marketplace / Online grocer retail

Launching an omni-channel presence is easy with our help. We'll have experience and insights across multiple platforms. With over 10 years as an e-commerce operator in the retail and vending, we're updated to the latest techniques in:

  • Shopee (Search then shop)
  • Lazada (Search then shop)
  • Redmart (Regular buys, grocery shop)
  • NTUC Faireprice Online (Regular buys, grocery shop)
  • Amazon SG (Search then shop, mostly Western buyers or residents in western countries)
  • Amazon International (Search then shop, sell on western markets)
  • Amazon Vendor (Sell to amazon, they sell your products to the market)
  • Zalora (Search then shop, fashion marketplace)
  • Qoo10 (Deal centric. The savings is more important then the product. Search then shop)
  • Grab (On-demand)
  • Foodpanda (On-demand)
  • Deliveroo (On-demand)
  • Shopify (Own e-commerce channel)
  • Linkpop (Social optimised link chain for e-commerce)

Every business has different priorities and different goals. Finding out which sales site is best for your product(s) is most important. Depending on your product class, price point, transport requirements room temperature, chilled, cold-chain, fragile, insured-fragile or otherwise, the strategy and channels chosen will change. Let us help you navigate the fast moving waters of e-commerce so that we may all sail to the warm harbour of increased sales, marketing, and profitability.