E-commerce & Marketing Services

With over a decade of experience in e-commerce and vending operations, we're offering these services. Please click on the service you're interested in for more information.

1. Online Referral / Affiliate Sales

2. On-site referral / Affiliate Sales 

3. Honour Pantry / On-site retail

4. On-site Sporty / Health Vending Machine

5. On-site White-label Vending Machine

6. Omni-channel / Marketplace / Online grocer retail

7. Dedicated Online Shop 

8. E-commerce Photography

9. E-commerce Videography

10. E-commerce SEO

11. Influencer marketing

12. In-product marketing

13. Drop-in flyers marketing

14. Branded content marketing

15. OEM products for your business

16. Employee HR gifting benefit programme

17. Press Release Writing & Submission to Media and Wire Services

18. Launching your own affiliate programme

19. Procuring sponsorships for your event

20. Using sponsorship as brand marketing and retail activation

21. Launching your products in Singapore with plans to grow in South East Asia

22. Design requests

Reach out to us via email and find out more. Have a nice day!