Jia Yee shares her thoughts on how anyone can get fit

Jia Yee shares her thoughts on how anyone can get fit

Model, guitar coach, fitness coach, and former elite athlete, Jia Yee, checks in with us and shares her insight into fitness.


Training Intensity is important when working out to reach your goal. How do you achieve and maintain your training intensity?
I guess everyone has their good days and great days, I do too.
For me, I appreciate every training session and give my 100% for every rep and set with the energy I have on that day. Of course, a little boost with good pre-workout meal and pre-workout drink goes a long way!

I look up my own check-in photos and training log to motivate myself, knowing that the effort I put in now would give me the results I deserve at the end of the day.
You vs you, always!
How do I find what drives me to exercise?
I started off weight training to get fitter and excel in the competitive sports I participated in, back in school. For now, what drives me to exercise is to better myself along with the clients I coach. And also, to stay in shape for modelling and shoots!
How can I enjoy my favourite foods while still achieving my fitness goals?
Diet plays a major role in physique change and transformation, but that doesn’t mean to have bro science diet all year round, especially when competing is not the goal.
My coach plans my macros, and I plan what I want to incorporate into my diet, so I still get to have my favourite pizzas in moderation.
With my clients, it’s the same concept. 90% on the diet, 10% you can have a little leeway along the way. It’s sustainable and they don’t feel restricted on their food options to make them quit.
I can’t seem to stick to diets. How can I eat better to achieve my fitness goals?

If it’s hard to stick to a diet plan, then it’s too restrictive or unsustainable.
Start off by making small changes along the way.

Clients would send me what they usually eat on a daily basis and we look at the minor but important changes to add into their current lifestyle.
Which product on www.crazybadman.com do you like best?
Definitely BCAA Zero. You can take it intra-workout, post-workout, or even through the day if you’re craving for a sweet drink with zero guilt!

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