Phi Filler, Musclemania Pro, answers your most pressing questions about fitness

Phi Filler, Musclemania Pro, answers your most pressing questions about fitness

Striving for perfection in everything he does, Musclemania Pro @phi.Filler shares his views on how he stays focused on achieving his fitness goals.


Training intensity is important when working out to reach your goal. How do you achieve and maintain your training intensity?
I agree 100%. What I do is to mentally drive every rep. For example, on the bench press, I lower the weight to my chest, inhale deeply, then mentally engage before delivering my full energy into the push. Instead of picturing the whole set and focusing on getting the set over with, I isolate each individual rep and focus on quality reps.


How do I find what drives me to exercise?
Picture what you want. Only you know the true answer to that. Whether it's a sixpack, healthier life, longevity, more friends, attracting the opposite sex, confidence, place that at the forefront of your why, and keep that there when you face adversity.


How can I enjoy my favourite foods while still achieving my fitness goals?

I do this by tracking macros. You can learn the macronutrient makeup of your favourite foods and make them fit your goals.


I can’t seem to stick to diets. How can I eat better to achieve my fitness goals

The first step is to adjust your foods from processed to clean foods. For example, if you love pizza, switch from eating delivery to eating handmade pizza made with fresh ingredients. The second step is to always remind yourself of your "why" as mentioned in question 2. Your why will support your journey.


Which product on do you like the best?

The (Jed North) shorts are by far my favourite. Love how quality the zippers are to protect my pocket belongings. Plus the feel of the short material makes working out very comfortable.


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