7 fitness hacks to add new life into your fitness routine

7 fitness hacks to add new life into your fitness routine


(For Immediate Releases, Singapore 14 Jan 2020)

Consistency is key to driving results. This is especially true when it comes to training and a fitness regime. From time to time, we often need new flavours and hacks to liven our fitness routines. Here are 7 fitness hacks that can speed your way to that super-fit body and mind!


1) Try Vegan Protein!

Going vegan with your protein is a pretty cool idea. If you're regular and need 1-2 scoops of protein a day, that's about 30-60 scoops of protein in a month. Across your dedication to fitness, you'll be consuming quite a bit of protein. For bigger athletes trying to gain weight, according to the American College of Sports Medicine, you'll need 1.2 to 1.7g of protein per kilogram (kg) of body mass. So going Vegan with your protein would have you in Greta Thunberg's good books. You'll also avoid any growth hormones and will definitely be helping to save the environment.

Some who have switched have claimed that it's less "heaty". If you're keen on trying, check out on our website with 'WelcomeToCrazybadman' for 10% off your first order.



2) Make your shoes smell like fresh linen!

As you workout, it's not easy to keep them smelling brand new. With all those hours of sweat in the gym, on the track, and in tight spaces of intense physical activity, your shoes can really rack up a strong smell. To get that fresh shoe smell again, all you have to do is drop 'Shoe Refresheners' in them. A small twist and your shoes will smell like fresh linen the next time you use them. Each pair of shoe refresheners can last 3-6 months.



3) Colour your food goals onto your socks!

Is your favourite indulgence burgers or martinis? Paint your goal onto your socks so when you are down on energy and motivation, all you need is to look at those long socks to drive you to finish your set! Curious beaver socks are high-quality and also come in packs of four for gifting!



4) Have your morning coffee and your protein in one drink!

Everyone loves to save time. So, drinking a coffee + protein drink in the morning gets your day started with great haste! ISO Whey Zero, Caffe Latte flavour is also lactose-free, halal, and delicious so most people would love it!



5) Netflix and chill all your want with Protein Chips!

Chips are great but a big bag can set your body goals back a lot. So enjoy the texture and taste of chips without the fatty after effects. Protein Chips from BioTechUSA comes in BBQ and Paprika flavour at 12g of protein each bag, it makes sense to Netflix and Gainz.



6) Taste the fluffy with Protein Pancakes!

Fluffiness is often a food texture we miss dearly when on a diet. So enjoy a nice Sunday breakfast with your loved one by cooking him/her a stack of fluffy protein pancakes. You control and fluffy and fats. After all, it is Sunday!



7) Plaster your aches and pains away with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Plasters!

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) plasters aid recovery so athletes can increase their training intensity. Also if you have any chronic injuries, they are a great salve for such pains. They also make for great gifts to grandparents! Everyone loves a good hot patch! Kaiser TCM plasters are halal-certified so everyone can enjoy them!



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