On-site referral / Affiliate Sales

2. On-site referral / Affiliate Sales

Having an affiliate sales link is great! Posters and flyers in your premise will help your customers buy more through your referral / affiliate sales link. We have posters and flyers you can activate to garner sales through our wide range of products. 

How does on-site referral / affiliate sales work?

Just print a poster or flyers and have them available at your venue. Your patrons will be able to take home your link to purchase in their own time or shop in your venue during their downtime. Affiliate sales with on-site branding helps venue owners and sporting businesses complement their training and spaces by providing retail through our unique QR code and flyers. 

On-site referral / Affiliate Sales are best suited for:

  • Businesses with a physical presence
  • Gyms that want to expand their retail options
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine physicians who want to have retail without the hassle
  • Home-care nurses who want their clients to have affordable products but not manage the logistics of bringing it to them
  • Events that want to boost retail sales without investing in stock
  • Corporates who want to extend discounted health and sports offerings to their staff without going through the purchasing department
  • Fitness studios / Yoga Studios looking to go into retail without stocking up
  • Rehabilitation spaces looking to boost retail offerings
  • Office Pantries that want to offer direct discounts for healthy alternatives to their staff for welfare
  • Country clubs who want to complement their existing pro-shops or in lieu of a pro-shop
  • Golf courses that want to boost retail options

On-site referral / Affiliate Sales pricing

  • Design fees of poster / flyer - $500
  • 1 x A2 poster printing with your unique QR code - $100
  • 1,000 flyers - $250
  • 5,000 flyers - $500

Check out the product listing below...

(Poster at Dennis Gym Jurong) 

(Poster at Dennis Gym Tampines)


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How do I get started with On-site referral / Affiliate Sales?

  • Text us on Instagram and send us your main pictures you'd like featured in the top bit and sign up for our affiliate sales here.
  • We will quote you a price and send you an invoice
  • Pay for services to be rendered. We have installment plans available via Grabpay.
  • Design will be done in 2-5 days with your input via Instagram Chat.
  • Printing and delivery will take 2-5 working days to your location of choice. We'll need the address(es), contact person(s) name(s), and respective telephone number(s).
  • So text us on Instagram and get started!