Fresubin® Powder 500g

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Balanced and complete nutrition formula supplies all the nutrients you need daily

Fresubin Powder helps you take control of your nutritional status. Fresubin Powder is

  • Low in lactose and gluten free
  • Suitable for people who are sensitive to lactose and gluten
  • Made in Germany
  • Shipped from Singapore
  • Trusted brand
  • Taste: Vanilla Flavour
  • Halal 'HQC' certified
  • About 18 months / 1.5 years shelf life from date of manufacture (please enquire for the most updated expiry dates if you are buying in bulk)
  • Excellent fatty acid combination
  • Match with American Heart Association recommendation1 
    • Low saturated fat
    • Rich in omega 3 fatty acid and monounsaturated fatty acid
    • No trans fat
  • Maintain health of blood vessel

Fresubin Powder provides protein, vitamin D and calcium

  • Improve muscle strength and muscle function
  • Reduce the risk of falls and fractures
  • Exceeds the recommendations defined by WHO/FAO reference amino acid pattern for all essential amino acids2, especially leucine, to meet increase needs and maximize muscle protein synthesis in older adults.
  • Help to limit loss of lean body mass
  • For bone health

Contains more than 20 vitamins and minerals

  • Including antioxidant vitamin C, vitamin E, Vitamin A (β-Carotene), selenium, etc, promote immune system health

Contains prebiotic fibre

  • Promote the growth of intestinal microflora (bifidobacteria)
  • Increase protective function/protection of intestine and increase body immunity

Fresubin Powder is suitable for patients with

  • Or at risk of malnutrition
  • Moderate to increased energy needs
  • Mixable in different caloric densities (1.0-1.5 kcal/ml) according to individual needs and preferences

Usage instructions

For 1.0 kcal / ml preparation: Per serving = 200 ml (app. 200 kcal):

  • Pour 160 ml warm water into a container, then add 3 level scoops (enclosed) of powder. Stir well until dissolved completely.

For 1.5 kcal / ml preparation: Per serving = 200 ml (app. 300 kcal):

  • Pour 140 ml water and add 4.5 level scoops (enclosed) of powder. Stir well until dissolved completely.

Recommended dosage

  • Complete nutrition: 1500kcal per day


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