Mitre: Freestyle Street Soccer

Mitre: Freestyle Street Soccer

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: Football

  @mitresg I love their new freestyle ball ! Light and has a great grip truly made for the football freestyles!!! Only after trying then will you know how awesome the ball is!!! Thanks @mitresg ! #mitresg #expy #femalefootballfreestyler #sgfootballfreestyle #freestylefootball #sg50 @renegadeben thanks for help me with the video...




Football Quality Level:

  • Professional Quality - Elite athlete use
  • Match Quality - Tournament Use
  • Training Quality - For training use
  • Recreation Quality - Play for fun. Some times, you play. Some times, you don't


Product Specifications:

  • A street ready size 5 football with high impact urban style graphic and tyre track emboss
  • Especially suitable for football freestylers.
  • Tyre emboss provides excellent grip which will allow freestylers to execute their tricks with confidence. 


Suitable for: 

  • Football Freestylers



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