COSMO MED Nitrile Powder-free Antimicrobial Examination Gloves (Blue), Box/100s

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– World’s 1st non leaching antimicrobial nitrile gloves

– Kills up to 99.999% microbes. Effective in killing prevalent and antibiotic resistant microbes such has MRSA and VRE.

– AMG antimicrobial Nitrile gloves is designed to kill microorganisms on the external side of the glove quickly upon contact. The active ingredient on the glove is a photosensitizer which generates singlet oxygen when exposed to light. This singlet oxygen oxidizes the bacteria’s protein and lipid, thus leading to the death of microbes.

– Helps reduce the risk of transmission from an infection source to a susceptible patients

– Provides active protection against HEALTHCARE-ASSOCIATED INFECTIONS (HAIs)

– Finger Textured

– Powder-Free

– Not made with natural rubber latex

– Lab Chemical tested

– Ambidextrous and available in sizes S – M

- Used by Quantumleap Healthcare Pte Ltd