noissue: Compostable Eco Mailer

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100% Compostable Mailer is a great step towards sustainable packaging, and can be composted both at home and commercially.

Our compostable mailers are made from a combination of PBAT, a bio based polymer which is compostable, and PLA which is made up of plant materials such as regular field corn and wheat straw. Our use of PLA makes up barely 0.05% of the annual global corn crop, making it an incredibly low-impact resource. Read on for further certifications and information.

The bags are certified by the leading authorities worldwide; meeting American, European, International and Australian standards – including certifications for your domestic home compost. To gain these certifications, the product must break down within 90 days in commercial compost and 180 days in domestic compost conditions, including worm farm compost. After degradation, they must leave no harmful residues behind.


  • Waterproof
  • Write-able
  • Stretchable
  • Print-able
  • Durable
  • Stick-able

Shelf Life

To ensure maximum longevity, noissue mailers should be stored in a dark, dry place. If stored correctly, they will be strong enough to send parcels around the world for at least 9 months, if not, their strength could be compromised.

Comparison to Plastic Poly Mailers

We understand that this is a really important consideration. We found that our bags performed much better than conventional plastic, in the sense that they don’t break at the bottom when put under heavy weight, and are equally waterproof. Instead, they are tear-resistant by stretching to distribute the weight over the whole bag, rather than in just one section. This makes them much more robust, especially for repeat uses!