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BioTechUSA: Brutal Gainer

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  • 6 carbohydrate sources with different glycemic indices
  • 50 g protein per serving
  • 7.6 g creatine matrix – with 4 creatine compounds
  • With added amino acid complex
  • More than 20 plant-based active substances
  • With 11 vitamins and 10 minerals
  • Dietary fibre source

1 serving (150 g):

  • 650 kcal
  • 50 g protein
  • 87 g carbohydrate
    • of which sugars: 74 g
  • 5.7 g fibre
  • 10 g fat
  • 7.6 g Creatine Matrix
    • of which creatine 6.6 g

    Brutal Carbohydrate Matrix: sucrose, maltodextrin, fructose, dextrose, native corn starch, ribose)

    Extra calorie intake is essential during bulking, which can primarily be achieved by the increased consumption of carbohydrates and proteins. In addition to quantity, it is also important to pay attention to the quality of your nutrient intake.

    Brutal Carbohydrate Matrix contains carbohydrates with a high glycemic index (sucrose, maltodextrin, dextrose, ribose) as well as carbohydrates with a low glycemic index (fructose) and a component called waxy maize (native corn starch), which is a modern and popular carbohydrate source.

    In addition to the Carbohydrate Matrix Brutal Gainer also contains 5.7 g dietary fibre (eg. inulin) per serving.

    Carbohydrates contribute to the restoration of normal muscle functions (contraction) after high intensity and/or prolonged physical strain that leads to skeletal muscle fatigue and the depletion of the glycogen reserves.*

    One serving of Brutal Gainer (150 g) contains 72 g Brutal Carbohydrate Matrix on average.

    Brutal Protein Matrix:

    Protein Matrix contains two protein components with different absorption times. Thanks to their high 2 biological value they provide you with an excellent protein source during bulking.

    Brutal Amino Matrix

    A formula with BCAA, L-glutamine, Beta-alanine, L-lysine HCl and L-ornithine HCl.

    Each of the above listed amino acids are very popular in themselves, but together they form a special mix to help you reach your goals.

    One serving of Brutal Gainer (150 g) has an outstanding protein content: 50 g

    Balanced nutritional composition in the service of growth

    It terms of complexity, we sought to include fats, the third macro nutrient type (besides carbohydrates and proteins), for the replenishment of extra calories.

    One serving of Brutal Gainer (150 g) contains 10 g fat, most of which originates from coconut oil and palm oil**.

    Creatine Matrix: with 4 creatine formula (buffered creatine monohydrate, creatine pyruvate, creatine citrate, micronised creatine monohydrate)

    Creatine is a molecule that is made up of 3 connected amino acids (glycine, methionine, arginine), and it forms an integral part of the energy-yielding, ATP-producing processes. Creatine increases physical performance during repeated short-term, high intensity exercises.***

    For maximum efficiency a creatine formula consisting of 4 different creatines was added to the product.

    One serving of Brutal Gainer (150 g) contains 6.6 g creatine.

    The complex carbohydrate, fat and protein composition of Brutal Gainer was increased to a higher level with additional formulas.

    Brutal ATP Matrix

    Additional active ingredients: amino acids also popular in pre-workout formulas (e.g.: AAKG and citrulline malate), but it also contains ALA (alpha lipoic acid) and AMP (adenosine monophosphate).

    Brutal Booster + Vitamineral Matrix

    A Brutal Booster Matrix with over 20 plant-based active ingredients, 11 vitamins and 10 minerals (Vitamineral Matrix) was added to the components.

    These extremely complex, carefully selected ingredients together provide excellent supplementation for outstanding bulking results.

    Like all BioTech USA products, Brutal Gainer consists of safe and carefully selected ingredients.

    *The beneficial effect can be achieved with a total intake of 4 g/kg (in body weight) carbohydrate originating from any source that is to be consumed in different servings within 4 or maximum 6 hours after high-intensity and/or prolonged workout that results in muscle fatigue and the depletion of the glycogen storage of the skeletal muscles.

    **The product contains palm oil that has an RSPO certificate.

    ***The favourable result can be achieved by taking 3g creatine a day.


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