ASSURE First Aid Box (Small)

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Small First Aid Kit mainly for use at home & offices. Made from ABS plastic. Also comes in Medium and Large sizes.

Approximate dimensions :

  • Small : 25.4cm (length) X 13.5cm (height) X 5.4cm (depth).
Contents Qty


A small

First aid box 1
Sterile absorbant cotton balls of 10pcs/pck 1
Crepe bandage 5cmx4.5mtr 1
Sterile disposable latex gloves 1
First aid plaster strips of 20/pck 1
Forceps 1
Sterile gauze swabs 7.5xmc7.5cm of 5pcs/pck 1
Hexodane antiseptic cream 15gsm 1
Paracetamol tablets of 10s 1
Proflavin antiseptic lotion 50ml 1
Safety pins of 10s 1
Scissors 1
Sterile wipes of 5s 2
Surgical tape 1inchx10yds 1
Surgical tape 1/2inch x 10yds 1
Triangular bandage 1
Ultra carbon tablets of 10s 1
Sterile water 20ml 1