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Online Referral / Affiliate Sales

With over 2,000 different product offerings, we have plenty of health and sports solutions. Affiliate sales is great for people with a following. You'll earn a commission off your referred successful sale and the customer will also get a nice discount. Commissions on various platforms differ and are enhanced from time to time, usually during a sale.

Online Referral / Affiliate Sales are best suited for:

  • Content Creators / Influencers
  • Business looking to go into retail without investing in stock and manpower
  • Businesses who want to earn more from their organic traffic or following
  • Publications / Editorial sites looking to monetise their listicles and other content
  • Personal Trainers / Dieticians
  • Homecare Nurses / Healthcare Practitioners
  • Teaching schools in health and sports

If you're a fitness influencer looking to grow your affiliate sales revenue stream or a freelance registered nurse looking for home-care supplies you can ship directly to your clients, we've got you covered. 

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On-site referral / Affiliate Sales

Affiliate sales with on-site branding helps venue owners and sporting businesses complement their training and spaces by providing retail through our unique QR code and flyers. 

  • On-site referral / Affiliate Sales is best suited for:
  • Gyms who want to showcase their affiliate code more
  • Fitness studios looking to go into retail without stocking up
  • Rehabilitation spaces looking to boost retail offerings
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners who want to sell complimentary products
  • Office Pantries that want to offer direct discounts for healthy alternatives to their staff for welfare
  • Country clubs who want to complement their existing pro-shops or in lieu of a pro-shop
  • Golf courses that want to boost retail options


If you're keen, one A2 poster with your unique QR code is $50, and 1,000 flyers is $150, excluding design fees. Check out the product listing below...

(Poster at Dennis Gym Jurong) 

(Poster at Dennis Gym Tampines)


Honour Pantry / On-site retail

For health and sports businesses with regular clientele and forecastable demand, we recommend that they stock up popular and fast-moving products on-site paired with online affiliate sales. This way your customers can get what they need for their workout and buy more in their own time all the while supporting you. This solution is also great for human resources (HR) departments looking to boost welfare offerings to their staff.


On-site Sporty / Health Vending Machine

Our Crazybadman vending machines are skinned with our sunset visuals and offer a maximum of 48-60 product choices per machine. We can provide products across the sports and health spectrum. This automated retail solution is great for country clubs, sporting facilities with sporadic traffic and are exposed to the weather. This pro-shop alternative is ideal for locations that have memberships but hard to predict traffic.


On-site White-label Vending Machine

Having your own vending machine is a great idea for staff benefits, expanding retail options in your location, or just automating regular daily purchases. This robot retailer will assist your customers when you're busy working on other parts of the retail equation. It's also great to provide much needed on-site, on-demand, items for staff benefit and wellness programmes. Swim trunks for your company pool, Shampoo, Body foam, and other toiletries for your workplace shower facilities, stationery for the office or even protein bars to boost bicycle bay adoption. With our extensive range of products and know-how, we could even supply a pet-yoga event! The design of your vending machine can be customised with payment and ID badge monitoring configured to your needs. 


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